Kristy Ralston Kristy Ralston has been documenting the world as she sees it through the lens for over 15 years. After receiving a B.F.A. in Photography at Illinois Wesleyan in 2001, she moved to Chicago and continued her education at Columbia College. She then worked as a photojournalist for several newspapers and has documented over 100 weddings. This experience has enhanced her creative eye and has given her the skills to work intimately with her subjects.

As a trained post-partum doula, Kristy has had the opportunity to work with many expecting mothers, newborns and infants, as well as toddlers and children. By blending her love for babies and photography, Kristy naturally captures the essence of each child's unique qualities and has a knack for catching in-between moments when subjects are most natural and unaware of the camera.

Through working one-on-one with her subjects in a collaborative creative process, whether they are 3 weeks or 80 years old, Kristy aspires to capture an image that moves the heart.

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